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Preparing for ski season

The one benefit to an early winter is a longer ski season! Many of us are looking forward to dusting off the skis (or snowboards) and hitting the slopes. Skiing is, however, an expensive proposition, especially if the whole family needs to be outfitted.

If you’re a skier, you want to make sure you have the right protection. And we’re not just referring to a helmet. If something happens to your ski equipment, it could be covered under your home insurance policy. Contact your insurance advisor to see what limit of coverage you have for sporting equipment. If needed, you can almost always increase that limit.

And what does your policy actually cover? Did you know that if your sporting equipment is damaged as a result of its use, there may be no coverage? For instance, if you snap your ski in two trying to master a flip, you’ll likely be replacing that ski out of your own pocket. But most insurance policies will respond if all your equipment is stolen from your vehicle, or if it’s damaged in a house fire.

If you have home insurance, you’ll also have liability coverage. Why do you care about that? Well, if you lose control on the hill, and crash into another skier, you may find yourself in court being sued for his injuries, or for damage to his equipment. Your personal liability insurance would come into play in situations such as this.

If you’re into skiing, snowboarding, or any other type of winter sport, a long winter can be a real bonus. But before you head for the chair lift, be sure you have the best protection possible.


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