Arizona residents can now buy home insurance online from Square One

July 4, 2017

(Vancouver, BC): Until recently, most Arizona residents could only buy pre-packaged home insurance policies sold in-person or by-phone. That all changed on June 26, 2017, when Square One launched in the state.

“If you live in Arizona, you can now buy their home insurance online from Square One,” states Daniel Mirkovic, President and CEO of Square One Insurance. “And with us, you choose what property you insure, so you only pay for what you need. That means you don’t pay to insure property you don’t own, like fur coats or gold bullion.”

Square One opened on January 5, 2011. It was started by a team of experienced professionals who, after years of working in the insurance industry, recognized that traditional home insurance wasn’t meeting the needs of most people. Most industries – from telecommunications to electronics to banking – have evolved in the last 20 years. The home insurance industry, on the other hand, hasn’t changed since the 1970s.

Without the burden of antiquated processes and systems, Square One developed an entirely new home insurance system designed to meet the needs of people today. The company also eliminated all unnecessary complexities built into traditional policies so that it’s both convenient and easy for people to personalize their policies.

The company serves those living in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Based on its success in Canada, the company decided to expand into the United States. The company now also serves those living in Arizona, and it plans on expanding into other states in 2018. Square One’s home insurance is underwritten by The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia in Canada, and by Pacific Specialty Insurance Company in the United States.

“Within hours of launching in Arizona, we provided several quotes and sold our first American policies,” says Mirkovic. “It’s clear that there’s an unmet need in the state. People want to research, quote, and buy their home insurance online. No other company in North America makes it as easy as we do for people to do all three of these things.”

The company currently offers insurance to Arizona homeowners and renters, living in apartments, condos, and houses. Coverage is available for both primary residences and secondary (vacation) homes. In early-2018, the company will expand its Arizona offering to include insurance for income (or rental) properties.

Policies are sold and serviced by phone and online from the company’s offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Phoenix, Arizona. This helps keep overhead costs low so that the company can pass on the savings to its customers.

To learn more about Square One’s unique home insurance approach, or to get a no-obligation quote, please visit or call 1.855.331.6933.


Established in 2011, Square One offers the only home insurance policy in North America that can be personalized to your unique needs. That means you only pay for the protection you need. Square One is also one of the few providers to automatically include water backup and broad water protection in its policies. Square One currently serves British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Arizona. For more information about Square One, or to get an online quote, visit

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