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Looking for Mesa home insurance? You've come to the right place. Square One offers the only policy in North America that can be personalized to your individual needs. That means you decide what to insure, so you only pay for the protection you need. You also get to choose from a wide range of coverage and deductible options. Continue reading to learn how you can get a home insurance policy for as little as $10/month.


Protect all your favorite things

The policy provides blanket coverage for your common personal property. You can also add coverage for your specialty property. When you're happy, you can buy online with just a few clicks. Or, speak with an agent for extra peace-of-mind.

Price tag

Only pay for what you need

Most 'pre-packaged' policies automatically charge you to insure items like fine arts, porcelain ware and rare collectibles. Don’t own these items? You don’t pay to insure them with us. (But if you do, then we can help you insure them.)


Loved and trusted by customers

4.7 stars out of 5. That's how customers rate Square One after writing 9,303 reviews. Along with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, it's clear people love the way we're changing home insurance. Click here to read some reviews.


Critical protection included

You don't want to be caught without the right coverage when the unexpected happens. Policies offered by Square One automatically protect against major types of loss, including: break-ins, burst pipes, fires, hail storms and sewer backups.


Need to make a claim? That's easy!

It's traumatic enough when something you love is lost or damaged, so we make sure the claim process is simple and straightforward. We're on your side, guiding you through the process from start to finish. See below to find out how we make this happen.


Pay monthly with no contract

We're confident you'll love our service and stay with us. That's why we don't lock you into a contract. With us, you can pay monthly or annually and there's no fixed-term contract. You can also manage your policy online at any time.

  • I felt I was talking to a friend at the end of my claim.

    "Kevin is a true pleasure to work with! He is very professional, effective, knowledgeable and most importantly, genuinely cares about his customer. This is the first claim I have ever made. He explained everything in great detail and answered all my questions with patience and even shared some tips on how to prevent this from happening again. I felt I was talking to a friend in the end. With Kevin's help, I replaced the laptop shortly after the claim was made, and the school work was not affected. Thank you, Kevin. You made a difference in my life! I'm glad I chose Square One. "

    from Vancouver, BC provided a 5 out of 5 rating on May 25, 2018.

  • Professional, responsive and completely satisfactory.

    "As I filed my very first insurance claim, I was a bit skeptical and worried at the time. As I dealt with Square One, this predetermined notion was absolutely not warranted. Our adjuster Kevin was very professional and responsive to all of our questions and concerns in handling the claim. Thank you Square One! For those who are on the fence, I give my absolute satisfactory approval with them. They might not be the cheapest but they will deal with your claim most fairly. "

    from Coquitlam, BC provided a 5 out of 5 rating on Apr 30, 2018.

  • Customer service.

    "The Square One agent who helped me open my policy was friendly, informed, and helpful. She walked me through each phase of the paperwork, patiently explained those aspects of the policy that were unfamiliar to me, and provided information that supported my decision making. Very professional and a delight to talk to. "

    from Tucson, AZ provided a 5 out of 5 rating on Apr 14, 2018.

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    How do we do it?

    Click play and learn how you can get home insurance for as little as $10/month.

    Why choose Square One?

    With Square One, you get a knowledgeable team, fast service, excellent protection, great prices and more...

    • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
    • Over 9,303 happy customer reviews online
    • Get your quote in 5 minutes
    • No long-term contracts
    • Option to pay monthly at no extra cost
    • Dedicated 24/7 emergency claims line
    • Claims are handled fairly and promptly

    What you really want to know: How are claims handled?

    The insurance industry doesn't have the greatest reputation when it comes to claims. Many people fear their insurer will go to any lengths possible to avoid paying claims. At Square One, we’re different. We’re there when you need us most.

    In fact, we even created a transparency page to translate the legal language in your policy into plain English.

    We’re committed to changing how you think of insurance. We make sure your claim is handled quickly and fairly. Here’s how:


    The right protection from day one

    The biggest problem with making a claim is not having the right protection. With a policy that’s tailored to your needs, you get the best protection possible.


    2-hour emergency response

    We guarantee a fast response when you need it most. Not an emergency? Your adjuster will still be in touch within one business day. It’s your home and stuff, so we keep you in the loop.


    One point of contact

    A single dedicated adjuster works with you from start to finish of your claim. Without the need to repeat the details of your claim, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

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    To see how affordable personalized home insurance can be, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for a phone quote. We're open 7:30 am - 5:00 pm (Mon - Fri). Whichever option you choose, it will take as little as 5 minutes to get a quote.

    Get an online quote now

    6 steps to get a quote

    In 5 minutes, you can get a free quote online.

    1. Provide basic information about yourself
    2. Specify the location you are insuring
    3. Describe your home's characteristics
    4. Complete your coverage profile
    5. Choose what you want to insure
    6. Get your premium

    Love your quote? Buy online or save for later. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for assistance.

    How customers personalize their policies

    Provided below are statistics on the percentage of Square One customers that add each class of specialty property to their policies.

    • 18% insure jewellery + watches
    • 8% insure bicycles + sporting equipment
    • 7% insure musical instruments
    • 6% insure fine arts, collectibles + oriental rugs
    • 5% insure business property
    • 3% insure china, silverware + furs

    Resources for Mesa residents

    If you’ve just moved to Mesa and would like to learn more about the city, check out the resources listed below. You can find details about Mesa, places to see, how to plan your move, as well as how to best organize your personal arrangements. Also, learn the best ways to set up your living area and what to do if something unexpected were to happen to your residence.

    Learning about Mesa

    Mesa is located in Maricopa County, and is the third largest city in Arizona, with a population of over 475,000 people. It covers an area of 132 square miles.

    You can enjoy the beautiful desert climate and scenery in Mesa by visiting Usery Mountain Regional Park where, amongst the many miles of hiking trails, you can hike to the top of the renowned Wind Cave Trail. For some cultural pursuits, visit the Mesa Arts Center, named “International Venue of Excellence,” with its multiple theaters and galleries.

    If shopping is more your idea of fun, be sure to check out Superstition Springs Center, with more than 150 stores and places to eat. Visit the high-end shops in Village Square at Dana Park, or head downtown where you can check out all the boutiques along Main Street. Stroll through the open-air shopping district in Mesa Riverview, and bargain hunters must not miss the Mesa Marketplace and Swap Meet.

    Golf enthusiasts can enjoy the magnificent views at any number of superbly designed courses. If you’re a baseball fan, you’re in luck, with both the Chicago Cubs and the Oakland A’s holding their spring training in Mesa, at Sloan Field and Hohokam Stadium respectively. Mesa is a “cycle city” with miles of bike lanes, and their “Grab a Grid Bike” locations scattered along the Light Rail Path.

    If Mesa is your home, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

    Planning a move

    When moving to Mesa, remember that the weather will likely be hot! You may want to plan your move early in the morning or late in the afternoon, to avoid the hottest part of the day. Before your move, consider following the steps below to make the entire process as easy as possible.

    • Select your movers: First, decide whether or not you’re going to hire a moving company. See what needs to be moved from your home, and the help that would already be available to you. If you have lots of willing friends and family, moving without a company will save you money. However, if you have any large items such as a piano, hiring a moving company may be a good idea. While there are several moving companies in Mesa, Family Moving & Storage, Low Budget Movers, and Two Men And A Truck are popular choices.
    • Get necessary supplies: The next step is to gather the supplies you’ll need when it comes time to pack and move. These include boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap or other specialty packaging, and a dolly. The average person can expect to spend up to $250 on supplies which can vary depending on the size of your family.
    • Pack smart: Remember that you’ll want essential items unpacked immediately, and ready to use that night. It’s no fun going through multiple boxes for only one or two items. You should keep the essential items within easy reach so they can be unpacked first. These commonly include utensils, clothing, pots and pans, bedding, and curtains.
    • Keep your receipts: If you’re moving due to a change in job, and your new work location is more than 50 miles from your old home, the IRS may allow you to deduct some moving expenses from your income. Visit the IRS to learn more about the qualifying criteria.

    Getting oriented

    Now that you’ve moved into your new residence, you’ll need to set up any arrangements that you may have used at your previous home.

    • Obtain or update your driver’s license and car insurance: Now that you’re a new Mesa resident, you’ll want to update or obtain a new drivers license to reflect your new address. While there are several different options, Safe Auto and Access Auto Insurance are common options.
    • Update your mailing address: Now that you’ve moved addresses, you’ll need to update your account and set up mail forwarding through the US Postal Service to ensure you don’t miss important letters or packages. For quick service, go to or you can go to your local post office and request a mover’s guide.
    • Find local schools, daycares, and health professionals: If you have children, you’ll need to find a local school or daycare. Visit the school district directory, preschools, and child care options to learn more. Now that you’ve moved, chances are you’ll need to change your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or other health professional, including veterinarians. There are a number of sites to visit to find health professionals and resources, including WebMD, and US News.
    • Update your banking information: If the bank you were using before your move does not operate in Mesa, you need to find a bank or credit union that does. While there are several different options, the most common in Mesa are Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

    Setting up your home

    Once you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll need to set up different accounts and think about some services to complete your move.

    • Cable and phone service providers: It’s almost essential to setup your cable and phone service once you’ve moved to a new residence. There are several different options available in Mesa. However, the more common companies are Xfinity, AT&T, and Century Link.
    • Hydro, electricity, and gas providers: Just like cable and phone services, you can’t operate your home without necessary accounts with water, electricity, gas and trash collection companies. While there are several options available in Mesa, Southwest Gas is a popular choice. It’s important to note that some municipalities may supply utilities to their residents themselves.
    • Home insurance providers: You’ve just moved into a home, it’s possibly your biggest investment to date and you want to make sure it’s protected! Visit the Square One home insurance page to find out which policy best suits your needs and to receive an online quote.
    • Landscaping companies: After moving into your new home, if there are any major changes you’d like to make to your yard it may be best to hire a landscaping company. There are hundreds of options in Mesa, so here are some helpful tips on hiring a landscaping professional. Blooming Desert Pools And Landscapes and Unique Landscapes are popular choices.

    Making repairs to your home

    With any new home, you need to be prepared in case something does go wrong. It’s a good idea to have a resource readily available for finding companies that can offer quick repairs.

    • Plumbing: While there are hundreds of different options when it comes to plumbing repairs in Mesa, this list of companies will help kickstart your search.
    • Restoration and renovation: If your new home needs any repairs or upgrades, it’s a good idea to check with a restoration or renovation company to make sure you’ve found the root causes to any problems. Check out this list of Mesa renovation companies to help your search.

      Additionally, feel free to browse though Square One’s home improvement resource center to learn more.

    • Electrical: Loss of power is one of the last thing’s you want to deal with once settled into a new home. If the problem isn’t linked to your electricity provider, you should contact an electrician. While there are several different options in Mesa, SRP is a common choice.
    • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning: If you ever notice that your new home is either too hot or too cold, it may be due to an HVAC issue which you’d want to get looked at immediately. Again, while there are several options in Mesa, Mason Mechanical, Red Mountain Air Conditioning, and Honest Air Conditioning are popular choices.