Home and personal safety resource center

This resource center provides useful tips to protect your family and your home. Please spend a few minutes reviewing the articles below. If you have a specific question that you would like us to answer, please email us and we’ll do our best to respond.

Preparing for wildfires

Learn how to protect your family, home and important belongings from wildfires. Get tips for fireproofing your home and preparing your property for protection.

Ice dams and your roof

An ice dam is not something that forms in a river; it's something that forms on your roof. Learn what causes ice dams, how to prevent them, reduce potential damages and how home insurance can protect you.

Securing your identity and smartphone

Identity theft and fraud can be devastating. Learn how you can prevent it from happening to you and how you can recover if it does. Also learn how you can be protected with the right home insurance and identity theft coverage.

Preventing water damage

Water damage can be a homeowner or renters worst nightmare. Whether you live in a condo or large house, these tips are quick to implement and can save thousands in potential damages should the unexpected happen.

10 ways you can prepare for overland flooding

Learn the top 10 ways you can prepare for an overland flood. A flood can happen without warning and can severely damage your property and belongings, so it's important you're prepared.

Break-in + theft prevention

Learn how to prevent and minimize break-ins to your apartment, house or mobile home. Did a break-in just happen? We'll give you next steps for getting your life back in order.

Preparing for earthquakes

Square One provides important tips to be well-prepared for earthquakes. Also, learn about the availability of earthquake insurance.

Preparing for rainy weather and minimizing flood damage

Learn the top tips to prevent water damage during the USA's rainy and wet winter season. Also, learn how to avoid a flooded basement and insurance considerations if there is a flood or water damage.

Preparing for tornadoes, windstorms + winter storms

Learn how to recognize the early signs of a tornado or windstorm, if you can protect your family and home with insurance and other preparation tips for winter storms.

Avoiding counterfeit electrical products

Square One explains how to avoid purchasing counterfeit electrical products, and why you should avoid them regardless of the savings promised.

Enjoying Christmas trees safely

Learn how to prevent Christmas tree related fires that could damage your home and ruin your holidays, as well as other safety tips to consider when decorating the tree.

Preventing candle and other household fires

Christmas and New Years are peak times for home candle fires. Square One provides easy tips to prevent candle and other household fires from happening.

Tips for using barbecues safely

Learn how to safely use barbecues this summer to prevent injury and damage with these 11 important tips. Also learn how you can protect yourself and your family from barbecue disasters with home insurance.

Preventing bicycle theft

Bike theft is a large problem across Canada and the United States. Learn how to prevent it from getting stolen and what you can do if it is stolen. Also learn how your bike can be covered with insurance.

Avoiding accidents in your home

Accidents are always prone to happen around the home. Learn the common ones and how to prevent injury with tips for falls, cuts, burns and more.