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Survey – Secrets of Home Buying and Selling

Thank you for taking the Secrets of Home Buying and Selling Survey!

We created this survey to get a better sense of how Canadians were going about buying or selling their homes. All of us have heard our friends complaining about their realtors or the buying/selling experience at one time or another.

Many have boasted that their realtor “did nothing” and that the property “sold itself” and that the next time they bought or sold, they would “do it themselves and pocket the savings.” This is probably not news to anyone who has lived in a hot real estate market over the last 10 years.

Fair or not, realtors seem to have a great deal of hostility directed at their industry from “Joe Public.” The results of the survey are below:

1. Do you own your own home?



  • Yes 93%
  • No 6.9%

2. If you have SOLD a home in the last 5 years, how did you sell it?



  • With the help of a realtor 65.5%
  • By myself
  • With the help of a service like property 6.9%
  • Not applicable 27.59%

3. If you have PURCHASED a home in the last 5 years, how did you buy it?



  • With the help of a realtor 72.41%
  • By myself 3.45%
  • With the help of a service like property 5.17%
  • Not applicable 18.97%

4. If you were planning on buying or selling a home in the next 5 years, how would you do it?



  • With the help of a realtor 86.21%
  • By myself 1.72%
  • With the help of a service like property 12.07%
  • Not applicable

5. If you have used the services of a realtor for buying or selling a property, how did you find your realtor?



  • By referral 58.62%
  • Used the selling realtor of the property 6.9%
  • Internet research 8.62%
  • Used realtor who has recently sold in the area 6.9%
  • Not applicable 18.97%

6. How important are realtors to you when you buy or sell your home?



  • Extremely important 59.32%
  • Very important 2.34%
  • Moderately important 6.78%
  • Slightly important 3.39%
  • Not important at all 10.17%

7. Do you think traditional realtor commissions (4-6% of price) are justified for the value offered?



  • Yes 23.73%
  • No 76.27%

8. Do you prefer a flat fee model for realtors (ie. $2000)?



  • Yes 70.69%
  • No 29.31%

9. Do you think there are enough resources available online to do the buying or selling process yourself?



  • Yes 15.52%
  • No 84.88%

10. If there was a comprehensive online guide on how to buy or sell your home, would you consider buying/selling your own home?



  • Yes 25.86%
  • No 74.14%

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