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Insurance basics + advice

We’ve researched and prepared articles on topics ranging from common types of home insurance policy exclusions to ways to conserve water in your home. As you’ll find, these articles have been sorted into categories. To learn more about a specific category, click on the appropriate tab. And if you have suggestions for future articles, please email us.

Home insurance basics

Home insurance is one of the various types of insurance policies. Learn more about the common types of home insurance available in North America by reading these articles:

It’s important to get the right home insurance protection. The following articles will help you do just that.

The following articles describe what is and isn’t typically covered by your home insurance:

Here are a series of articles to help you protect your belongings:

Looking for ways to save money on your home insurance? Check out these articles:

Home + personal safety

Learn how you can protect your home from common types of loss by reading these articles:

You can prevent household fires by taking the simple steps outlined in the following articles:

The following articles include tips related to personal safety:

Home improvements

Looking to make improvements to your home? Here are some articles that might be of interest to you:

Here are some tips to help you properly maintain your home:

Home buying + selling

Several tips for buying and selling a home are included in the following articles:

House + condo owners

The following articles below highlight some of the insurance considerations for house owners:

And, if you’re a condo owner, make sure you’re insuring your condo properly.

Landlords + tenants

Having a rental property can be a good source of income. Learn about ways to protect your rental property in the following articles:

Years ago, there was some stigma associated with renting your home. Nowadays, tenants include those just starting out right through to established (and wealthy) individuals. The following articles include tips for all tenants:

Lifestyle tips

This set of articles covers a wide range of tips related to the general category of lifestyle:

For many of us, pets are part of our family. Some ways to protect your pets (and yourself) are included in these articles: