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Intermediate & Senior Full Stack Software developer

Square One’s focus on technology and online customer experience is transforming how people buy home insurance. By starting from scratch, we’ve developed a modern web-based software platform that encompasses all aspects of our business, including: customer management; online sales and support; policy lifecycle management; claims reporting and fulfillment.

We truly recognize the transformative power of technology, especially when introduced into a sleepy industry. Technology is at the heart of who we are. The entire Square One team is focused on continuously introducing technology enhancements to scale our business and to make it easier for customers to interact with us. Don’t take our word for it though, read our customer reviews

As a senior software developer, Square One will really hit your career sweet spot. We’re big enough that you’ll have access to all the resources you need. You’ll also have the satisfaction of your code being used by thousands of customers every day. On the other hand, we’re still small enough that we don’t have a bunch of bureaucracy, and you’ll never get lost in the crowd. Each member of the team is critical to our success and is treated accordingly. And while we’re very nimble, we’re also focused on the long-term. That means we rather take the time to do things right than to rush out a new feature.

One of the things you enjoy most about Square One is the supportive team environment. You’re never set up for failure; instead, you get all the coaching, mentoring, training, and tools you need for continued success.

Your responsibilities

We seek to match your technical interests to the challenges we have at hand. Depending on your skills and experience, your focus could include:

  • Web design
  • Front-end web application usability enhancements
  • Back-end API integrations
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Premium calculation algorithm enhancements.

Rest assured you won’t be pigeonholed at Square One. We have a small team and we’re keen to cross-train in all areas of our codebase.

To give you a sense of the technologies used at Square One, our Symfony based platform is written entirely in object oriented PHP, utilizing the Propel ORM, to talk to our MySQL backend and is hosted with AWS. The system is integrated with the Asterisk VoIP server used by our call centre. We leverage AWS Code Pipeline for Continuous Integration and GitHub for code repository.

Your qualifications

While we value education, it is most important to us that you have demonstrated experience building enterprise-grade, scalable web applications with a back-end database. Ideally, you also have many of the following:

  • Strong knowledge of HTML/CSS.
  • Strong user interface/user experience design knowledge.
  • Strong knowledge of databases and SQL (ideally MySQL).
  • Experience using an ORM such as Propel or Doctrine.
  • Experience using PHP frameworks (ideally Symfony).
  • Experience working in Unix/Linux environments (bonus points for sysadmin level knowledge).
  • Experience with the LAMP stack.
  • Experience with Javascript libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Experience with a Javascript framework like Vue.
  • Familiar with the LaTex document preparation system.
  • Prior experience within the insurance or financial services sectors.
  • Experience with a range of Amazon Web Services offerings.
  • Experience using Github for code version management and issue management.

Additionally, to be successful as a software developer at Square One the following should describe you:

  • Articulate: You must be able to communicate complex technical ideas to a wide audience (i.e., from the CEO, to front line sales agents, to product managers, to fellow software developers).
  • Detail oriented: At Square One we really sweat the small stuff. Do you think about all the obscure boundary cases in your code? Do you enjoy getting to the bottom of every issue you come across? Do you enjoy stepping through code in a debugger to really see how it ticks?
  • Proactive: “Not my area” isn’t something that’s likely to be said at Square One. If you see something that needs improvement, then you’re expected to champion the cause.
  • Enjoy a fast pace: While we are methodical in our approach, we are also relentless in our push to get things done and get code live and in the hands of our users.

Your compensation + benefits

You appreciate the fact that Square One personalizes your compensation and benefits in the same way it personalizes policies for its customers. Your very competitive compensation and benefits plan includes:

  • A competitive base salary.
  • 3-weeks of vacation to start and an additional week after 5 years.
  • Full MSP coverage for you and your family.
  • Flexible medical, dental, vision and extended health care coverage.
  • Long-term disability coverage.
  • In-house and external training paid by Square One.

Why work for Square One?

Probably the shortest and simplest answer for why you should work at Square One is that you want to be part of a tight-knit team where each person’s expertise is respected and valued. You’re done working at places that tell you what to do, how to do it, and that don’t compensate you fairly. To learn more about why you should work for Square One, visit:

How to apply

To apply, please email your resume to You have our commitment that we will respond to all applicants and inquiries.