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Complete protection for your semi-attached house and personal property

Semi-attached house insurance for about $75/month

The type of home insurance you need as the owner of a semi-attached house depends on how the title of the duplex is registered. Condo and freehold titles are the most common, you can read more about both below.

There are several other types of titles for duplexes. If you’re unsure what type of title you have on your semi-attached house, check with your local land titles office.

If you have any questions about insurance for a semi-attached house, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1.855.331.6933.

Condo titled from $40/month

With a condo (or strata) title, you have exclusive use and ownership of your portion of the semi-attached house. However, the land and building are considered part of a larger property for which you share financial responsibility, maintenance, etc. with the other unit owner.

If your semi-attached house is condo titled, you require one policy that covers the actual structure of the entire duplex – usually referred to as a residential condo/strata property policy – and a second policy that covers your personal property and liability. This is referred to as a condo insurance policy. Square One Insurance Services only offers condo insurance policies.

Freehold titled from $75/month

With a freehold title (or a fee simple title), you have full use and control of the land on which your duplex is built. You also have full use and control of your portion of the semi-attached house subject only to government and bylaw restrictions. Your ownership is often subject to a party-wall agreement, which dictates responsibilities related to the common wall shared between the units.

If your semi-attached house is freehold titled, your needs are virtually the same as those owning a detached house. So, at Square One, we will offer you a house insurance policy.