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A+ Rated by the BBB

Square One has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since October 26, 2012. Our A+ rating reflects:

  • Length of time we have been operating.
  • Low volume of complaints filed against us.
  • Quick response to, and resolution of, complaints.

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Repairs started almost immediately

Despite the negative comments that Square One insurance got for your post and email to the customers, I really appreciate that you contacted me. Fortunately, I had sewage back up as opposed to overland flooding, and within a day of talking to Square One and putting in my claim I have had the adjuster and contractor through my house and work started almost immediately. I love this insurance company and will continue to HIGHLY recommend them to everyone I talk to! Thank you Sheilagh and the whole company.
- Matt and Miranda B. from Medicine Hat, AB on Aug 23, 2013

Response: Thank you so very much for your feedback, Matt and Miranda. While it's not possible to insure against every possible type of loss, when it is insured, we do our best to act fairly and quickly. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Amazing claims service

Fantastic customer service by Kristina, with amazingly quick turnaround. I really can't imagine how my claim could have been handled any better!
- Alexis B. from Vancouver, BC on Aug 22, 2013

Response: Alexis, thanks so much for your feedback about our claims service. We really strive to make the process as fair and quick as possible. So, it's nice to get reinforcement that we're on the right track. Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Fantastic staff

Enthusiastic, upbeat and helpful staff. After calling many insurance companies and dealing with bored and unfriendly agents, Square One staff came as a breath of fresh air. I purchased condo insurance at a very, very competitive price. Everything was done in 5 min. Thank you!!
- Ana from Vancouver, BC on Aug 19, 2013

Response: Thanks for taking the time to mention your observations Ana! We all enjoy being part of the Square One team - and I guess it shows! Jason Vander Zalm, VP - Information Technology.

Appreciation (Devon McGuire)

Hi, my name is Ehsan, and I just bought an insurance plan from Square One. I would like to thank Ms. Devon McGuire (Insurance Agent) for her valuable help and advice. She kindly helped me choose an appropriate plan and promptly replied whenever I needed further information and advice, I really appreciate her help and the customer service provided by Square One. Kind regards, Ehsan.
- Ehsan from Vancouver, BC on Aug 8, 2013

Response: Thank you so kindly for the feedback on Devon. It is very much appreciated. We are lucky to have Devon on our team. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Why are you spending your valuable time searching for home insurance companies? Just google Square One and you will feel lucky like me.

Hi Home Owner,

I just saved a LOT on my home insurance. I spent three days in searching the insurance companies who are offering the most economic and competitive rates. I found the SQUARE ONE is the best. I asked lots of questions and Square One's licensed insurance agents answered all of them effectively and efficiently.

Even most of the insurance companies do not have online system for quoting premiums. As a new immigrant, my English is not good so it felt very difficult and bad experience in providing home details. Somehow I provided all of the required information using phonetic alphabet, like my name is Hem, H as Harry E as echo and M as Mike spending a hour. Finally, I got the result more expensive insurance premium than SQUARE ONE.

Some company has online quoting system. After I quoting I have to wait on queue spending almost an hour in getting clarification. It was also bitter experience for me. In comparison to them, I found SQUARE ONE is the best where you do not need to spend your valued time to clarify your concerns; you can call them directly and easily get them contacted without waiting on queue. Even you can chat with licensed insurance agent. They are always available to clarify your each and every concern with friendly ways.

In my case, I am very thankful and obliged with Sheilagh Middleton. She showed me right way to save my hardly earned money which are important and which are not based on my property situation. As I am a new immigrant and first time home buyer, I did not have any idea about home insurance and insurance company in Canada. SQUARE ONE's friendly and customer service oriented licensed insurance agents, like Sheilagh Middleton, helped me in understanding about the insurance.

I am very lucky in finding the best insurance company in Canada. I strongly recommend to all of you like me, immigrant and first time home buyers, please check their website and you would feel lucky in finding the best Insurance company. You should check them out because I'm sure you'll save your hardly earned money, too.

I would also like to thanks to the founders of this company for being innovative and entrepreneurial. Due to their continue efforts and long experience in this field, this company is possible to establish. I would also like to thanks to leaders, board directors, team members and advisors for their efficiency and effectiveness in serving the customers like us.

I wish this company for prosperous and bright future.

Hem Raj Pandey
- Hem Raj Pandey from Calgary, AB on Aug 3, 2013

Response: Hem, thank you so very much for the amazing feedback. It is so very much appreciated. I'm so glad we were able to help you. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Very positive experience

I am thankful to have been referred to Square One by a friend. Not only are the premiums much more reasonable (we save $2000 a year) but Jas was extremely helpful in explaining all of the details of the policy!
- Darcy Hausselman from North Vancouver, BC on Jul 26, 2013

Response: Darcy, thanks so much for the feedback. Glad we were able to save you so much money! And, special thanks to your friend for referring you to us. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Setting up a policy is unbelievable quick!

It was a great pleasure to speak with Jas about home insurance. I want to thank Jas very much for taking the time to setup my home insurance policy. This is was so quick and I certainly appreciate the great customer service. Thank you all very much for your time. You will definitely hear from my clients, friends and family members for their insurance needs. It was an honor to do business with you today and hope we will continue for many years to come.
- Mario R. from Terrace, BC on Jul 18, 2013

Response: Hi Mario. Thanks so much for the feedback. We're lucky to have Jas as a member of our team. And, we're glad you found the process of getting a quote and buying a policy to be efficient and quick. Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Highly recommended!

Daniel provided extremely prompt service and made the insurance claim process straight forward and hassle free. He was very generous with his time even over the weekend. I appreciated being able to call him directly and have him answer my questions. It made the process very stress free. I would highly recommend Square One!
- Sarah Ireland from Vancouver, BC on Jul 9, 2013

Response: Hi Sarah, thanks so much for the feedback. We strive to make the claims process as fair and fast as possible. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Efficiently arranged

Jas Sandhu is our agent. She efficiently arrange a new insurance cover for our newly purchased apartment in Vancouver. We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Jas and your company. Thank you very much indeed.
- Siu Mai Chan from Vancouver, BC on Jul 9, 2013

Response: Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We are very luck to have Jas, and all the other agents, on our team. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Good, fast service

Nice to have an easy online process with chat help along the way!
- Ruari McLennan from Victoria, BC on Jun 28, 2013

Response: Hi Ruari, thank you so much for the feedback! Cheer, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Above and beyond

I'm glad that I've made the switch to Square One. I notified my previous carrier that I was shopping around for a better deal. On 2 separate calls to my old carrier, I was not warned that I would be hit with a huge cancellation fee despite continuing my long time emergency vehicle/roadside service insurance! I was told that there would be roughly a 30 day grace period to renew. So, I continued to do my due diligence looking for the best possible deal.

Square One offered excellent advice and explained which features I did and did not need and how they would be processed if a claim was raised. I went back to the old carrier to negotiate but their policies were fixed and couldn't be adjusted except on the building value (i.e. pay for unnecessary coverage). Square One's website for developing a policy is very helpful, especially if you're trying to stay within a certain monthly budget or you need to see the itemized allocations. Plus there is no additional finance charge for paying on a monthly basis (not like the other guys!) and Square One offer notify the other party of the cancellation. They gave me a standard form that I completed and I faxed it to the old carrier. Simple. I saved over $300.

The old carrier badgered my husband to pay a $95.61 cancellation fee over the phone the day after. (We were 3 days past the expiry date but the charge for the coverage was not pro rata.) I followed up with Visa. They were sympathetic but did not want to charge an additional $10 to dispute the charges as my husband did accept the charges over the phone albeit under duress. They suggested that I report the incident to the BBB or Consumer Protection Services so others don't get misled. If I knew of the possible charge, I would definitely have paid more and extended the coverage for another year. i.e. made the switch at the next renewal date. Square One does not charge customers for cancelling policies.

I am very pleased with the customer service I have experienced thus far dealing with Jas Sandhu and Sheilagh Middleton at Square One. They were knowledgeable, professional, friendly and prompt to reply to my calls and emails.

Complaints regarding the excessive cancellation fee was received by the old carrier and the agent acknowledged that they should have given me fair warning. I explained that I wasn't expecting a complete reversal and that perhaps a nominal fee would be okay. I was told that my request would be forwarded to the old carrier's supervisor, but no phone call, email or letter with their response was given. I'm so happy I didn't have to make a claim with that company.

I will recommend Square One to my friends and family. Thanks for your help!
- Shannon Tobin from Surrey, BC on Jun 17, 2013

Response: Shannon, thank you so very much for your feedback. I'm so sorry to learn about the challenges you've had with your old carrier. That said, we look forward to being your home insurance provider for many years to come. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Great service

I was checking out Square One online and Daniel popped up and asked if I needed help, boy did I ever. I have been cancelled by my current provider after 10 years of continuous service for forgetting to pay. Devon was just great making me feel better about getting insurance with them. She made it easy to understand and fast. These people are great. Now I can sleep again. Thank you, thank you Daniel and Devon.
- Susan from New Westminster, BC on Jun 16, 2013

Response: Susan, we are so glad we were able to assist you. And, we look forward to being your home insurance provider for many years. Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Best quote

I called several different recommended insurance companies for our new house. One recommended by our insurance broker was close to $2,000 per year. Others with earthquake insurance were around $1,200 - $1,600. Square One let me pick and choose what I wanted and included earthquake insurance for $900 per year. I couldn't be happier. The online quote was a great way to do it. Fantastic all around. Thanks!
- Kari from Sooke, BC on Jun 15, 2013

Response: Kari, thanks so much for your feedback. As you've demonstrated, shopping around pays off! We look forward to being your home insurance provider for many years. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Excellent product

This is an excellent product and the future of insurance in Canada. Coming from the UK originally, we have an extensive and exceptionally well developed range of products like this and its great to see it arriving over here. Square One is light years ahead of some of the competition that asks you to send away a form and you can only expect to receive a quote in 3 to 4 weeks! I would, however, like to see feedback on customers claims experiences. All in all though, top stuff!
- Peter Lalor from Vancouver, BC on May 28, 2013

Response: Hi Peter, thanks so much for your feedback. And, we are working on getting reviews from our customers who have had claims. In fact, we'll be posting videos of some of these reviews in the next few weeks. Thanks again, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Easy, simple and straightforward

By far the most easiest and intuitive insurance application wizard I've ever encountered. Whilst pausing / not understanding a certain question an agent immediately popped up and asked if I needed any help (didn't have to call or look for help). Every time I had a question the agent was able to easily answer me with professional and simple answers. Overall the most straightforward and stress free process I've gone through. Would no doubt recommend to anyone looking to insure their home and would like a simple way of doing so.
- Adam White from London, UK on May 27, 2013

Response: Adam, thank you kindly for the feedback! Glad we could be of assistance and thank you for choosing Square One. Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Square One Insurance Services 855.331.6933 1410-650 W Georgia St Vancouver BC, ​​V6B 4N8 Canada 4.8 5.0 9267 9267 So far so good!

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