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A+ Rated by the BBB

Square One has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since October 26, 2012. Our A+ rating reflects:

  • Length of time we have been operating.
  • Low volume of complaints filed against us.
  • Quick response to, and resolution of, complaints.

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Thank you so much to Devon for walking me through our home insurance! I found Square One on line and am so pleased I called. They were able to cut my insurance in HALF! Really great to only pay for what you need. Who thought of this wonderful idea?!?! Also I reached Devon on a Saturday! Wow... Thanks again for making this easy.
- Suzanne Stenmark from Nanaimo, BC on Apr 14, 2013

Response: Suzanne, I am so glad to learn that you were happy with the service Devon provided and that we were able to save you money on your home insurance! Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.


I never realized that it was so easy to get that quote, customize it to what I exactly what and what I think I would need...the best part of all is having an live chat that guided me as I go through the online quote and online purchase...I found the policy that I wanted for the budget that I would be willing to pay...not only that, I was not asked to pay for the entire year, which other companies require before you can purchase a policy.
- Marivic from Calgary, AB on Apr 9, 2013

Response: Marivic, thanks so much for the kind review. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.


Thank you for saving me money. The policy I used to have was not right and was frustrating to me all kinds of stuff that we did not have or need. Thank you to your easy on line quote system and being able to choose exactly what we wanted we are soooo happy! Our new policy is so much more affordable. Being able to pay monthly is great and was not an option we could have before with out paying a penalty. I will be spreading the word of Square one...thank you!! The easiest home insurance to get and understand!! And even better, affordable!
- Wanda from Sherwood Park, AB on Apr 4, 2013

Response: Wanda, thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We very much appreciate and look forward to being your home insurance provider for many years to come. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Good claims experience

We had a good expereince with our insurance after such a traumatic episode with the robbery. We were able to purchase all of our missing items and be reimbursed for the cost. Thanks very much.
- Brett from Vancouver, BC on Mar 18, 2013

Response: With insurance you never know whether you've put your faith in a good company until it comes time to make a claim. Glad to hear you feel we've lived up to our side of the bargain. We strive to handle all claims fairly and efficiently, so you can put traumatic events like robberies behind you. - Jason Vander Zalm, Vice President, Information Technology.

Outstanding people

Today was the first day I ever phoned and Insurance Company and I spoke to this charming, proffessional and humble lady called Debbie Bevilacqua.She is fantastic, she provided me with all the information I needed in an excellent manner, she was so nice on the phone and she listens attentively, she lets you talk before she gives you her own opinion and expertise advice. I was so impressed and I did not hesitate to buy from Debbie BECAUSE SHE IS AN OUTSTANDING LADY. Due to the way I was received by Debbie I have taken it upon my self to recommend your Insurance company to all my friends who need Insurance. Debbie keep up with your good work. You are a star and thank you for being so polite. You made my day
- Isabella from on Mar 17, 2013

Response: Isabella, thank you so much for your feedback on Debbie. We are very lucky to have Debbie as part of our team. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Great customer support

Thank you to the great agents at Square One. I had so many questions about purchasing a policy and with the helpful Chat Now service I was able to get friendly and easy to understand answers right away. So happy to purchase a policy from a company that makes their policies so accessible.
- Laura from Vancouver, BC on Mar 12, 2013

Response: Hi Laura. Thanks for the feedback! The online chat feature is cool, isn't it. Many of our customers take advantage of it. And, what's great is that the agents who manage the online chat are the same one who help you over the phone. Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Insurance made easy

Finally, an insurance company that understands how to use the Internet! Unlike your competitors, you actually WANT to hear from your customers online. I found the chat function very useful while I was planning my coverage. And almost all of the information I needed was right there on your website. It was a real pleasure to be able to do this at my convenience -- on the weekend -- rather having to deal with a broker by phone during business hours.
- Glen Taylor from Coquitlam, BC on Mar 10, 2013

Response: Hi Glen. Thanks kindly for your feedback. We look forward to serving you for many years. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Straightforward, no gimmicks

I like this service. It is no hassle, no gimicks, straight up insurance. When trying other companies, they would use non transparent group codes, or upsell and not honour online quotes. TD charged 10% more than they quoted me online. Not so with Square One, you know EXACTLY what you pay for, and how much each item will cost you. Recommend!
- Abraham Stolk from Vancouver, BC on Mar 5, 2013

Response: Hi Abraham, we really strive to be as transparent as possible, so we really appreciate the feedback. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Very user friendly

For a guy like me who hates anything and everything related to insurance, using Square One was a very good experience. Used the online tool to get the quote and purchase the policy, all in less than 30 min. Love that the tool is very clear and well detailed - and you know exactly what you are paying for and what you're getting insured for - no fluff! Thanks very much, will not hesitate to recommend Square One to others.
- Saju from Coquitlam, BC on Mar 5, 2013

Response: Saju, thanks so much for the feedback. We're glad you found the process user friendly. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve further, please feel free to email me directly at Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Done deal in less than 30 minutes.

The service was amazing! I spoke to Jas Sandhu and she was so helpful and explained everything. All a done deal in less than 30 minutes. I'm delighted, and so is my Dad....he's 88 years old, so anything which makes his live less challenging is a positive 🙂 He's also very pleased that the Legion Foundation will be benefiting by your thoughtful and generous donation. I've shared my great experience with the Command Office and will pass it along to other Legion members who might be interested in making the change. My hubby and I don't renew until next January, but will be coming your way at that time.
Kind regards,
- Valerie MacGregor from Vancouver, BC on Feb 28, 2013

Response: Valerie, thank you so kindly for the feedback. Square One is pleased to be the exclusive provider of the home insurance program for Legion members. We look forward to serving your father and for the chance to win your business next January. Regards, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Super easy

Super easy and fast to get everything set up!!!!
- Olivia from Calgary, AB on Feb 27, 2013

Response: It drives us crazy when we feel our time isn't well respected - so when launching Square One we were focused on ensuring we never take our customers time for granted. Glad to hear this effort is noticed.
Jason Vander Zalm
Vice President, Information Technology

Great stuff!

Really helpful staff, ordering insurance has never been easier. I really liked that I could choose what to insure and better yet, what not to insure. I.e. the furs I don't have. 🙂 Hopefully I never have to make a claim, but I'm hoping that if I do, that squareone operates in the same way as they do in the sales process.
- Tyler Vautier from Vancouver, BC on Feb 15, 2013

Response: Hi Tyler, it's nice to hear that you had a good experience with us. Thanks for the feedback! Cheers, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Seamless customer service

I work in Customer Service and am amazed at how seamless the experience has been. The online quote system was easy to use, when I had further questions that were more in-depth the agent was extremely knowledgeable. To be honest, the process proved to me that this is the company I trust my insurance with!! Thanks for making this so quick and painless.
- Jeff from Vancouver, BC on Feb 15, 2013

Response: Jeff, thanks so much for your feedback! We hope to be serving you for many years. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Ahead of the game...

I have been a broker myself for a few years and chose to purchase my policy with Square One because they are obviously way ahead of their competition. Being able to apply, purchase, modify, and view my policy online is such a fantastic option! This shows me this company is more interested in providing the best coverage, and not just to "up-sell" me to death to meet some sales target. The itemized list of my belongings is also so convenient, as during my career I could never locate one for my clients. Should anything ever happen I will be so relieved to know a list already exists, and that is one less worry. Last but not least, the customer service is amazing. Thank you all!
- Amber from on Feb 1, 2013

Response: Wow! Thanks for the great review, Amber. We really appreciate it and we look forward to being your home insurance provider for many years. Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Jas Sandhu

First of all...they are real and not bots!! I spoke with Jas Sandhu, although she did not accept my invitation for dinner, she was outstanding! Responded to my questions...promptly and helped me fill out the online form. Thank you Jas! Excellent performance!
- John Wilson from Calgary, AB on Jan 29, 2013

Response: John, we so greatly appreciate your feedback! Sincerely, Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO.

Square One Insurance Services 855.331.6933 1410-650 W Georgia St Vancouver BC, ​​V6B 4N8 Canada 4.8 5.0 8122 8122 This was the most efficient insurance I have ever negotiated. Thank you!

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