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Interior design resource centre

This resource centre is designed to provide you with interior design tips and ideas to help style your house, basement suite or apartment. If you have a specific question that you would like us to answer, please email us and we’ll do our best to respond.

19+ home office design ideas

Looking to redesign or create a home office? Here are over 19 ideas and a guide for choosing the right space, layout, desks, paint and designing a home office you love.

16+ living room design ideas for your home

Need design ideas for your living room? Here are 16+ ideas as well as tips for living room decor, layouts, painting and colour schemes. Also, learn about furniture and lighting considerations for this room in your home.

19+ laundry room design ideas for your home

Looking to redesign or create a new laundry room for your home? Here are over 19 ideas and a guide for choosing the right layout, floor ideas, door ideas, storage ideas and other decor aspects to consider.

23 small kitchen design ideas for your home

Looking to redesign or create a small kitchen? Here are 23 ideas and a guide for choosing the right layout, fixtures, furniture and storage for a smaller home kitchen.

25 master bedroom design ideas for your home

Here are 25 design ideas for your master bedroom. Learn about all parts of the room from the layout, closet, flooring, ceiling and color ideas to help inspire the design of your new bedroom.

18 feng shui ideas to harmonize your bedroom

Looking to add more feng shui to your bedroom? Here are 18 ideas and information on how to choose the right colours, layout and decor. Also, get a feng shui bagua crash course so you can determine the optimal layout for your bedroom.

Feng shui basics with interior design

Learn the basics of feng shui for the interior of your home. We'll review how to use a feng shui compass and map. The rules to follow and benefits of following feng shui philosophy.

23 fabulous ideas for designing your outdoor kitchen

Learn how to plan your outdoor kitchen with layout, location, countertop, grill and other ideas for creating that dream cooking area in your backyard.

Hardwood floor design ideas

Learn how to choose the right hardwood flooring for your home's interior. From hard or softwood, to choosing a finish and matching it with your furniture, this guide covers it.

Creating a gallery wall

Learn from interior design professional, Lisa Moody, how to design the best gallery wall for your home. Get tips for creating the layout and hanging your pictures with ease.

How to design the perfect outdoor space

Learn from a professional designer on creating an amazing outdoor patio and space for summer and fall. We'll cover layouts, furniture, colours, accessories and more.

How to choose the perfect couch

Learn how to choose the best couch for any room in your house. Get professional advice from an interior designer about choosing the proper size, fabrics, location and orientation of your new sofa.