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Moving Trucks, Boxes, and Help, Oh My!

Moving is an exciting time because new adventures beckon, but it can also be an exhausting one because there is a fair amount of work involved in the process of exchanging one residence for another.

Luckily, you can lessen some of the pain by planning ahead; tips on staying organized also come in handy. Read along and you’ll feel more relaxed about the preparation and effort required. You can do this!

Prepare for Takeoff

A little moving preparation can go a long way to making your arrival at your new home or apartment much more pleasant. No one wants to enter a new place to find lights that don’t work or mail that doesn’t arrive. Here are items you can handle in advance to make the transition more comfortable:

  • Switch over your utilities. Don’t arrive at your new home only to find that it’s dark and cold because you forgot to have your utilities transferred to a new address in time for moving day.
  • Ensure that you’re insured. Check with your home insurer to find out if you’ll need any changes to your coverage.
  • Take care of your finances. If the move is a significant distance from your previous home, set up an account at a nearby bank and transfer some funds in advance to be sure you’ll have access to money when you arrive.
  • Redirect your mail. You can make arrangements online or at your local postal outlet to have your mail forwarded. Canada Post offers a four-month service and a 12-month plan. Visit the link here.

Moving Checklist -Tackle the Logistics

moving checklist

Determining when you’ll move and how you’ll do it lead to packing for the big day. No one lists packing as their favorite hobby, but if you take the time to plan your strategy, it will make the unpacking process at the other end easier.

  • Choose between hiring a mover and moving yourself. Weigh the pros and cons. Hiring a mover may be more expensive, but they are trained, insured and efficient. If this is the alternative you choose, ask friends for recommendations and get estimates to find a mover who offers good service, as well as good value. If you decide on the do-it-yourself model, compare truck rental prices and mileage charges. Certain days of the week may make discounts available for either method, so check.
  • Arm yourself with packing supplies. You’ll need boxes, markers, scissors, and good, strong packing tape. Buying boxes from supply stores can be expensive, so check with a local retailer to see if they have boxes available and on which days. Liquor stores are often a good source, as are furniture stores.
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff. Moving offers a perfect opportunity to go through your belongings and rid yourself of items that you no longer want or need. Charities are always seeking donated items.
  • Prepare for a vacation. Pretend you’re going away for vacation and pack a suitcase with all the essential clothing and toiletries for the trip. Once moving day approaches, live out of this suitcase. It will ensure that you don’t accidentally pack anything you need as you’re preparing to leave. You can also live out of the suitcase as unpacking begins.
  • Label Informatively. Mark boxes to indicate the room where their contents will be used. Make sure that boxes containing fragile items are clearly marked, and use arrows on those boxes to indicate which end must be up at all times; also indicate whether each box is light, medium or heavy to make it easier for anyone lifting it.

There are now mobile inventory apps, such as Moving Van for iPhones, that allow you to photograph your belongings, assign them to boxes and designate these boxes for particular rooms; you can email this inventory to your computer.

Soften Your Landing

You’ve arrived at your new home. Don’t let the prospect of unpacking dim your excitement. Make the process as smooth as possible with a bit of forethought.

  • Check boxes and major appliances. Be sure nothing was damaged during the move. If you use movers, you’ll likely have a specified period in which to file an insurance claim, so be aware of any problems immediately.
  • Wipe away dirt. Undoubtedly, furniture that was clean before the move is dusty now, so a quick wipe makes sense before you use it.
  • Fill your closets. Make use of closet space to store many of your boxes so that you’ll have more room to unpack each of them in its turn.
  • Dispose of trash properly. Check on the rules and dates for recycling and trash collection so you can dispose of packing boxes and other accumulated garbage.

Now that you’ve thought about the steps involved in preparing for a move, the actual experience should be much smoother. Focus on the excitement and enjoy!

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