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How Generous are Canadians This Holiday Season?

With the Christmas Season rapidly approaching, the planning for Holiday Parties, outings, and gifts for our loved ones are in full swing. Buildings and streets are beautified with lights and decorations, jolly Christmas tunes ring in the Seasons in restaurants and stores.

At home, people are starting to dig out the boxes of Christmas lights and decorations, debate over fake versus real Christmas trees, while the children bury their noses in Christmas story books and eagerly work on their wish lists for Santa.

While Canadians are getting busy preparing their houses and festivities for their families and friends, they are also getting in the spirit of helping those who need help. An Ipsos poll conducted in October 2015 on behalf of World Vision has found that Canadians, once again, are wanting to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate – especially during the Christmas Season.

For a quick overview of how generous Canadians are during the holiday season, check out the infographic below.

canadian generosity

In fact, three-quarters of Canadians intend to donate to charity this holiday season, and half are likely going to volunteer for a charitable organization.

Most Canadians feel that the Holiday season is becoming too commercial, and would ‘prefer to receive a meaningful gift that would help someone else, rather than another traditional gift like clothes or electronics’.

When asked to describe the spirit of the season, “just one in ten (9%) Canadians would best describe the spirit of the season as giving gifts to those they care about.”

For over half of Canadians, bringing their family together exemplifies the spirit of the season. “Others see is primarily as an opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ (14%), demonstrating love and caring (12%), helping those less fortunate (7%) or some other purpose (4%).”

Source: Ipsos Reid

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