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Your role as claims road adjuster

Tired of working for a home insurance provider that tries to find ways to deny, rather than cover, claims? Frustrated with out-dated practices and processes that lead to poor customer service? At Square One, we treat our customers fairly, paying them what they are entitled to under their policies. And, we leverage technology to personalize buying a home insurance policy and making a home insurance claim.

As a claims road adjuster, you understand how important proper claims handling is to an insurance provider’s reputation. You treat each customer with empathy, patience and respect. You recognize that, although you may handle hundreds of claims a year, this is likely the customer’s first claim ever (or at least in a while).

Your success in this role comes from your superior analytical and decision-making skills. You have strong communication skills, which you use to share decisions with, and provide direction to, others. While you don’t enjoy conflict, you handle it effectively. You are both detail-oriented and organized, handling multiple files and tasks with ease. And, you take pride in your work and your ability to assist others.

Over 80% of your day is spent settling home insurance claims. You visit claims sites and work closely with customers and contractors to replace/restore damaged property. When not on the road visiting claims sites, you enjoy working from home where you:

  • Prepare reports and request payments.
  • Adjust smaller claims over the phone, speaking and dealing with customer directly.
  • Identify policies require underwriting review.

One of the things you enjoy most about Square One is the supportive team environment. You know you’re never set up for failure; instead, you get all the coaching, mentoring, training, and tools you need for continued success.

Your responsibilities

Working in Square One’s claims department, you are the main point of contact for customers who have suffered losses and filed claims. As such, you have many important responsibilities, including:

  • Visiting claim sites to evaluate property damage and replacement/restoration requirements.
  • Reviewing the claims process with customers and helping them submit required information.
  • Determining whether specific claims are covered and explaining why.
  • Preparing scopes of loss for claims with building damage.
  • Securing, evaluating and approving contractor quotations.
  • Assisting customers with repairing or replacing lost or damaged property.
  • Negotiating settlements, arranging payments and finalizing claims.
  • Maintaining your training and industry knowledge.

Your qualifications

As a member of the Square One team, you have a desire to contribute to the overall success of the company. You do this by becoming an expert at what you do, directing your own work, and working with a team that has a broader purpose than just making profit. You and those who you work with would describe you as someone who:

  • Possesses superior analytical and decision-making skills.
  • Communicates effectively when explaining decisions and providing direction.
  • Uses active listening and questioning skills to understand issues and needs.
  • Handles conflict effectively and avoids taking things personally.
  • Pays close attention to detail and has superior organizational skills.
  • Provides and receives constructive feedback.

Your education + experience

Your experience and education, combined with product and claims training we provide, helps ensure your success at Square One. For this role, you have:

  • At least 3 years of property insurance experience.
  • At least 2 years of claims adjusting experience.
  • At least 1 year of tenure with a recent employer.
  • A high school diploma and, preferably, some post-secondary education.
  • A CAIB designation, a CIP designation, or working towards one of these designations.

Your compensation + benefits

You appreciate the fact that Square One personalizes your compensation and benefits in the same way it personalizes policies for its customers. Your very competitive compensation and benefits plan includes:

  • A base salary of $55,000 per year.
  • A car allowance of $550 per month plus gas.
  • 3-weeks, not 2-weeks, of vacation to start.
  • Full MSP coverage for you and your family.
  • Flexible medical, dental, vision and extended health care coverage.
  • Long-term disability coverage.
  • In-house and external training paid by Square One.

Why work for Square One?

Probably the shortest and simplest answer for why you should work at Square One is that you want to be part of a tight-knit team where each person’s expertise is respected and valued.

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How to apply

To apply, please email your resume to by November 3, 2017. You have our commitment that we will respond to all applicants and inquiries.