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Smart Homes – Is the Future Now?

Want a fridge that tells you when you’re almost out of eggs? How about a thermostat that adjusts depending on your location in your house? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that checks your locks when you’re at work and you get that awful feeling that you forgot to lock the front door?

Think this is science fiction?

Not according to massive investments in smart home technology made by major players like Google, Microsoft and Samsung. In fact, the technology is already here.

But what about Canadians? Are we embracing smart home technology?

According to the latest research, age, gender or income level is not the determining factor in early adoption in the smart home market. It is your level of enthusiasm for technology.

For a quick overview of Smart Homes, check out the infographic below.



Currently, entertainment features appear to be driving the bulk of current smart home technology purchasing decisions.

However, the early adoption trends could be very different depending on price points and security concerns that currently exist in the smart home market. Only time will tell.

Do you use or does anyone you know use smart home technology ?

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