Stay Cool In The Summer (Without Cranking Up The AC)


This summer, the mercury in thermometers is hovering above 30 degrees in many places, causing residents to take whatever measures they can to stay cool: wearing shorts, drinking cold drinks, swimming or huddling indoors.

Hydro company executives shudder as people nationwide also crank up their air-conditioning in the heat, putting a strain on the power grid. Residents determined to keep their homes cool by using their air-conditioners may also see a surge in their electricity bills.

If you’d prefer to save money and conserve the resources needed to produce electricity, read on; there are ways to keep your home cool without draining your bank account. In addition, there are actions you can take to keep yourself cool!

Let the sun shine – elsewhere!


Amazingly, reports Family Handyman, 30 per cent of unwanted heat comes from your windows. Keep the heat out with curtains or drapes, especially those with light-coloured lining that reflects the heat. Shades are also an option.

Windows facing west are the biggest offenders, since the sun strikes them late in the day when the temperature is at its peak. With the help of curtains, says the Huffington Post, you may be able to save as much as seven per cent on your utility bills during the summer.

  • Awnings are awesome. By installing awnings over your windows – especially those facing south and west – you can reduce your home’s solar heat gain by 77 per cent, says You can create makeshift awnings by tacking up sheets outside your windows and draping them over railings or lawn furniture.
  • Be a film star. Applying highly reflective window film on your windows will keep you cool in summer, but let in sun during the winter.
  • Made in the shade. Trees and vines offer cooling shade and keep the sunlight away from windows, so plant them on the west side of your home where sunlight is strongest. Choose your trees with care, assessing their eventual height, root spread and canopy width before planting. Trees that are native to the area have the best chance of surviving, so familiarize yourself with local species.
  • Invest in insulation. You may think of insulation as a must for keeping heat in during the winter, but it’s also effective in keeping your home cool in summer. One secret is combining thin sheets of insulation with bulk insulation. Insulating your ceiling is also a smart move, one that can cut energy use by up to 45 per cent and pay for itself.

Fans To The Rescue


Call on your fans. No, not your fan club – although if you have one, perhaps the members could be convinced to fan you and keep you cool.

  • Portable electric fans or window fans, however, are a great alternative to air-conditioning. They use much less energy, and moving air causes perspiration to evaporate, which cools your body.
  • If you want to heighten the fan’s cooling effect, place a bowl of ice cubes in front of it so that the moving air is even cooler. It will seem like magic!
  • Ceiling fans are also excellent for circulating air. Make sure to adjust their rotation to counterclockwise for the summer so they push air down instead of sucking it up. You can also instal an attic/whole house fan that pulls hot air out of the house through vents in the roof.

Lighten the Load and Keep Temperatures Down

Man Putting Low Energy LED Lightbulb Into Lamp At Home

Less power to you! Try to minimize your use of household appliances during the heat of the day. Stoves, ovens, irons and washer-dryers generate heat or steam and simply add to the warmth inside.

  • After you cook, turn on the fan above your stove so that it pulls the hot air out of the kitchen. In addition, power down appliances such as the television and the computer when they’re not being used so that they don’t generate heat.
  • Summer is the perfect time to discard your incandescent bulbs and replace them with fluorescent or LED lights. About 90 per cent of the energy generated by incandescent bulbs is heat energy, so by making the switch, you’ll keep your home cooler while saving energy. Not a bad deal!
  • While keeping your house cool, also consider ways to stay cool while you are indoors. This includes wearing light, breathable fabrics; replacing your silk or flannel sheets with the cooler cotton variety; staying hydrated by drinking lots of water; taking a cool shower before bedtime; and putting your hot water bottle in the freezer so you can use it to chill your toes at night, keeping your entire body cooler.

Flicking the ON switch for your air-conditioner is tempting, but expensive. Try these tips and see if you enjoy saving money and energy while you stay cool.

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