Hosting a Safe Super Bowl Party


If you’re looking at the holiday season in the rearview and feeling more like cocooning than socializing, there’s nothing like a Super Bowl party to lighten your winter blues.

The Super Bowl is one of North America’s most-watched sporting events, and it provides a wonderful excuse to get together with friends for a party in the dead of winter. It’s a couple of weeks away, so now is the time to prep for that party.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a football fan; the Super Bowl is a cultural phenomenon. Not only is there a game, but there’s a much-hyped halftime show, entertainment that is certain to be a topic at the office the following day.

If you’re planning to host a Super Bowl party, however, it’s important to be proactive about ensuring your guests have a safe, but enjoyable experience. Sporting events are often accompanied by alcohol, which can lead to accidents. So, play offence and run with the ball; if you’re prepared, you should be able to avoid those penalty flags and unexpected tackles.

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Here are some handy tips to help you host a safe Super Bowl party:

Know the rules of the game. Before you send out invitations to the party, touch base with your insurance agent to see what the legalities are and what is covered under your policy. What are a host’s potential liabilities? Once you understand the parameters, you can plan accordingly.

Slip-sliding away. As you make plans for your party, take stock of your home to minimize physical hazards and possibilities for injury. Make sure the driveway, sidewalk and steps leading to your door are shovelled and de-iced so that no one can slip and fall. The threat of an injury lawsuit puts quite a damper on a party!

Inside your home, remove throw rugs that could trip people and be sure that power cords are tacked down. It’s common to move television sets for better viewing at parties, but people often forget that the cords are tripping hazards.

You may also want to store your knick-knacks out of the way. Why risk the chance of an exuberant cheer leading to a smashed piece of pottery? Your fragile items may not be covered under a homeowner’s policy.

Think carefully about the location of the event. Is there a room where the carpets and decoration can take a bit more wear and tear?

Super Bowl Party Invites


Know your roster. Consider your guest list and invite people you know well enough to admonish if their behaviour gets out of hand. Let your guests know ahead of time that if they’ve had too much to drink, you’ll be calling a cab for them or insisting that they stay overnight.

If you establish the ground rules in advance, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

What to Serve for Your Super Bowl Party, Drinks and Food

Have a serving strategy. If you’re serving alcohol, it’s important to serve plenty of food to dilute its impact on your guests and to cut off the drinks as the end of the game nears.

Adhere to stadium rules: no alcohol after the third quarter. There’s no need to be obvious about it; simply offer different courses as the evening progresses and slowly put the alcohol away. Run a game of rating SuperBowl ads as they appear.

Space out your eats: Start with nibbles such as chips and dip at kick-off time, followed by appetizers during the second quarter and the main course at halftime.

Bring dessert and coffee out during the fourth quarter. Most people won’t notice the absence of alcohol; they’ll just move on to the next course.

Offer options. Be sure to have lots of water on hand so people can stay hydrated, and provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for teens, designated drivers and non-drinkers. Don’t serve minors, even if your guests say their children are allowed to drink at home. There is no insurance coverage for underage drinkers. Your house, your rules, and safety should prevail.

No drinking games. There’s no better way to encourage intoxication than to allow drinking games. Sure, at university it might have been fun to throw back a shot for each touchdown, but everyone lived on campus back then and could simply walk home. You’re in the big leagues now and the stakes are higher.

Great Super Bowl Party Ideas


You’re the referee. Serve drinks yourself so you can monitor how much your guests are drinking. Drink moderately yourself so you can supervise the party properly.

Have the taxi squad ready. When the game is over and the party is breaking up, have the number for a local cab company or other ride service at your fingertips.

Be sure that guests who have had too much to drink have a ride, either with a designated driver or a taxi. As a fallback position, you can always hide their car keys or insist they stay the night. Better safe than sorry.

These tips may sound like a lot to consider when all you want to do is have a good time with some friends. However, after hosting a few parties, the list will become second nature and nobody’s life will be at risk. That’s the definition of a really good time.

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