Flood Insurance in Canada

Think you’re hearing more about flood related damages in Canada in the past few years because flooding is increasing? You’re right. But that’s not the only issue.

According to Paul Kovacs, executive director at the insurance industry’s Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, outdated storm and waste water infrastructure has resulted in increased flood damage to homes and these types of situations will likely get worse in the near future.

For many Canadians, they wrongly assume that they have flood insurance as part of their home insurance policy.

Why are Canadians suffering so much from flood related damage? And why is flood insurance not readily available in the Canadian market?

For a quick overview of Flood Insurance in Canada, check out the infographic below.

Flood Insurance in Canada


Currently, Canadian homeowners don’t have many options for protecting themselves financially against damage caused by coastal flooding.

The fact is, most Canadians agree that the current approach to protecting Canadians against water-related damage could and should be better.

Around the world, there are several different approaches to protecting homeowners and renters against flood damage. But a single approach has yet to take shape for Canadians.

Have you or anyone you know been affected in the past 5 years by flooding?

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