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Canadians Love Their Pets

How much do Canadians love their pets? How about to the tune of $6.6-billion a year.

And how deep is that pet love, when it comes to other humans for Canadians?

According to a recent survey, when asked if they’d break up with a potential mate that the dog didn’t approve, 54.7% women and 42.4% of men said yes.

For Canadians, it seems like our pets are granted privileges that one would normally limit to humans.

Take pets on furniture for example, over 80% of those surveyed say they do allow their pets on their furniture. And a surprising 11% of those surveyed nationwide, indicated they have had a professional take photographs of their pet.

For a quick overview of how Canadians Love Their Pets, check out the infographic below.

canadians love their pets


It’s clear to see that Canadians love their pets and this is demonstrated by their wallets and by their behavior.

There are huge opportunities for businesses that cater products and services to this market that continues on an upward trend.

Do you know anyone who treats their pet as if it were a child?

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