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Airbnb home insurance – Q & A

We sat down with Daniel Mirkovic, President and CEO of Square One, to ask him a few questions about the popularity of Airbnb and how the home sharing trend provided Square One with another opportunity to enhance their client services.


Q: What motivated you to introduce airbnb home insurance?

A: We introduced airbnb home insurance because we saw an increasing need, this is a new trend and more and more people are participating in home sharing programs…so we wanted to be able to meet their home insurance needs.

Q: How is the risk different for somebody who is renting their property on airbnb?

A:The risk is quite a bit different if you participate in home sharing programs like airbnb…because, essentially, you’re operating a small business out of your home…and most home insurance policies won’t cover any business operations unless you’ve totally disclosed it to your provider.

Q: Why Square One, when other home insurance providers are not offering this type of specialized service?

A:The reason that we started to offer something for clients who participate in airbnb programs when most other home insurance providers haven’t is because we really want to be and are striving to be a modern home insurance company. So, whenever we see someone else isn’t doing something, or, if the answer is “that’s the way it’s always been,” that means for us, there’s an opportunity for us to do something differently, and better meet our client’s needs.

Another reason is, we specialize in home insurance, that’s all that we offer, so we feel that we have to do a very good job of meeting as many client needs when it comes to their home insurance as possible.

Q: How is the quote process different if you’re participating in a home sharing program like airbnb?

A: Anyone interested in getting a home insurance quote from Square One can do so online or by phone, including those participating in home sharing programs like airbnb.

If you are participating in a home sharing program you will have to answer just a few extra questions during the online quote. As long as you answer those questions properly, the little wizard will walk you through the rest of the quote.

What you will find, as someone who is participating in a home sharing program, is that your premium will be slightly higher to offset the risk, associated with having strangers or guests using your home…and you may also be subject to a slightly higher deductible for crime-related losses.

So if something mysteriously disappears while a guest is in your home, you’ll be responsible for the first 2,500 dollars of loss, versus what your standard deductible might be, which could range anywhere from 500 dollars and up.


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