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10 Smart Home Gadgets You Have to See to Believe

The true “smart home” of the future is not quite a reality for the average homeowner, but it’s getting close.

Soon enough, you’ll enter your home through smart front door locks, have just the right temperature in your home (thanks to your learning thermostat), and have your groceries delivered to your kitchen door (thanks to your kitchen system that automates your most routine tasks).

One of the obstacles to consumer adoption is connectivity. Another is simplicity. Nowadays, most consumers expect their home devices to be as easy to use as a smartphone.

Until that smart home dream is a reality, you can feast your eyes on 10 smart home gadgets you have to see to believe:

1. Bored With Brushing Your Teeth – Try The Bluetoothbrush

Not getting enough motivation from your dentist? How about a smart brush that has sensors that show you when you’re using poor brushing technique. Yes, there’s an app for that.

2. Feed Your Pet From Anywhere

Stressed out because you’re stuck at work and your dog or cat is at home waiting for his favorite meal of the day? Worry no more – a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet, and this smart feeder can be dishing out the goodies for your little friend.

Petnet Smart Petfeeder


3. The Egg Tray That Reminds You You’re Out Of Eggs

If your fridge isn’t “smart” yet, don’t worry. There is probably an app to help you with whatever you seem to be forgetting.

Take the egg minder – you’ll never have to worry about borrowing that egg from your neighbor while you’re in the middle of preparing that delicious cake for your dinner party.

The egg tray syncs to your phone using Wi-Fi and notifies you how many are left and how long each egg has been there. Really, not kidding.

4. The Plant that Waters Itself

Can’t seem to keep your plants alive? Love the greenery but you just don’t have a green thumb? How about a plant that waters itself? Use the app to check on your plant and leave your plant fears behind as the auto-watering plant pot manages everything.



5. Order From the Appliance That Uses the Product – Dash Buttons

Admit it. You laughed a little when Amazon brought out the dash buttons. Well, laugh no more.

Run out of detergent? Need to add it to your shopping list? Simply click on the dash button on your washing machine, accept the order on your smartphone and presto.

Tide Dash


6. The Smart Toilet Seat

A dedicated smartphone app can lift the toilet lid up, put it down again, and flush. Enough said.

Lixil Satis G


7. The Garbage Can That Organizes Your Shopping

In the spirit of automation, the Genevan scans garbage to automatically create your grocery list, matches coupons to products, and optionally deliver items to your doorstep.

8. Custom Temperatures for your Bedding

Are you and your partner fighting over the covers? Are different body temperatures causing you both sleepless nights? The luna mattress cover could be the answer. Set your own temperature for your side of the bed and cozy up.

Luna Mattress Cover


What About Smart Home Outdoor Living?

9. The Ultimate Conversation Starter for Men – The Automower

Do you dread dragging that old lawnmower out of the shed? Trouble finding the time and the cooperation of the weather to maintain your lawn? Let the lawnmower take over.

10. The Smarter Sprinkler System

And if an automated sprinkler system isn’t cutting it for you, how about a smart sprinkler that knows when your grass needs water.


Currently, consumers seem to be more motivated by convenience than saving $35 a month off their energy bill. So, there’s some work to be done on the part of the smart home industry.

Smart home devices must automate daily mundane tasks so the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about them.

Stuart Sikes, President of the research firm Parks Associates

Some of these gadgets and devices can appear laughable to many of us. We might be asking ourselves, “Who needs this?”

But think back a few years to when we all opened our cars with our keys. Can you imagine buying a car without a remote lock now?

Smart Home Gadgets

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